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Top 10 Vulnerability Management Consulting/Service Companies in UK - 2020

While the previous decade was all about digitisation and adapting to its patterns, the new decade brings with itself new sets of challenges, opportunities, and strategies to combat the hurdles that the disruptive technologies brought in. Recent surveys have revealed that organisations are under immense pressure to implement effective vulnerability and patch management practices to protect their systems from breaches. Also, the waves of digital transformation trends such as cloud migration and enterprise mobility have significantly deepened the depth of attack. This calls for improved vulnerability detection, prevention, and mitigation practices. Studies reveal that none of the enterprises, be it tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple, or emerging players have been able to escape the wrath of vulnerability.

While vulnerabilities are not a recent concept, most organisations are sceptical about addressing it. Reasons can be multiple–lack of awareness regarding factors causing breaches, or organisational silos and turf wars, or even financial constraints. However, considering the threats that vulnerabilities pose to systems, enterprises today are choosing threat-centric models over legacy systems like the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS). Not only does the imminent-model predict potential attackers and takes priority-based actions, but also overcomes the shortcomings of the CVSS systems that include delayed results, inaccurate patches, gradual risk reduction, and others. Also, enterprises are shifting their focus from remote exploitation and scanning techniques to agile, agent-based check for accurate results.

In the current scenario, companies are upgrading their practices such as change control and are running regular scans and assessments to ensure top-notch security for its data. Apart from conducting regular penetration testing, these organisations are implementing improved security scanning service that automatically identifies attack surfaces on web applications. The scanner detects threats, generates proof of exploit in a read-only format and highlights the impact of the vulnerabilities on the web application. Apart from saving time, these automated services also lower down the operational cost.

Additionally, patching of systems and software immediately after updating the OS will protect the networks against malicious activities. Also, tech firms are refreshing their system and discarding old programs that slow down operations.

To mitigate cyber threats, and assist organisations in their search of potential partners, Enterprise Security Magazine brings to you “Top 10 Vulnerability Management Consulting/Service Companies in UK 2020”. In this edition, we have highlighted consulting/service companies whose expertise will help your organisation foster a workspace driven by robust and efficient technology.

    Top Vulnerability Management Consulting/Service Companies in UK

  • Comtact is an expert IT service provider, founded in 2005. The company delivers a truly consultative approach towards vulnerability management, facilitating enterprise cybersecurity and IT managed services to clients that help empower the IT of SMEs and unleash their business potential. Comtact provides specialisations in cybersecurity, IT monitoring and management from state-of-the-art UK SOC & NOC to simplify IT network and security operations. The company helps organisations track security-related improvements and assist them with compliance and accreditation requirements, as well. Through vulnerability scans, Comtact identifies the clients’ vulnerabilities, prioritises them, and helps patch them up accordingly. The company also ensures up-to-date patching and correct applications monitoring, making clients ‘less attractive to hackers.

  • Becrypt


    Becrypt is an agile London-based UK SME with almost 20 years cyber security expertise, established through the development and delivery of End User Device platforms. They supply governments and security-conscious commercial organisations, large and small, with a range of security solutions and services - from funded research, to commercially available products and flexible managed services. Adopting emerging technology, be that cloud, mobile or IoT, is about enabling business value and improving user experience. Their client base includes governments (central and defence), public sector, critical national infrastructure organisations and SMEs

  • Bulletproof


    At Bulletproof, security's in their DNA. Their information and cyber security services are the best way to stay ahead of the hackers, take control of infrastructure and protect business-critical data. Bulletproof is the dedicated information security arm of ServerChoice, a market-leader in ultra-secure cloud hosting, colocation and connectivity. One of the major factors to their success is their UK Security Operations Centre (SOC). This is an in-house facility, staffed every hour day and night by their cyber security gurus.

  • Clearswift


    Clearswift is trusted by government, defense and financial organizations around the world to prevent cyber threats and protect critical information. Its Adaptive Cyber Security and Data Loss Prevention solutions provide an unparalleled layer of inspection, sanitization and threat prevention, enabling secure collaboration through across email, web, endpoint and cloud applications. Embedded deep at the core of its products is a robust Deep Content Inspection (DCI) engine that inspects information flowing in and out of the network, identifies risks and applies the appropriate levels of security actions

  • Herjavec Group

    Herjavec Group

    Dynamic IT entrepreneur Robert Herjavec founded Herjavec Group in 2003 to provide cybersecurity products and services to enterprise organizations. Herjavec Group delivers SOC 2 Type 2 certified managed security services supported by state-of-the-art, PCI compliant, Security Operations Centers, operated 24/7/365 by certified security professionals. This expertise is coupled with leadership positions across a wide range of functions including consulting, professional services & incident response. Herjavec Group has offices globally including across the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada

  • Outsource


    The company provides innovative FMC service is based around three core pillars of Recovery, Security and Performance. They protect your data, secure your business, and enable growth - all of which will have a positive impact on your business performance. In the world of technology standing still is going backwards. They will always continue to develop, enhance and stretch themselves and their offerings to deliver the best service and protection they can for your business. They take care of everything from mitigating your cyber security risk to enabling more efficient collaboration across your teams.

  • Positive Technologies

    Positive Technologies

    Positive Technologies is an independent high-growth global cybersecurity company with over 900 people. In a world increasingly run on code, vulnerable software presents a huge risk to all areas of business and critical infrastructure, a problem they will believe only grow in scale, complexity and seriousness. Positive Technologies analyses these vulnerabilities in one of Europe’s largest specialist laboratories, using this research to build a platform capable of automatically finding and neutralizing them prior to attack. They count some of the largest organisations in the world amongst our 1000 strong customer-base, helping secure banks, regulators, energy companies, utility providers, automotive companies, rail providers, technology organisations and telecoms businesses.

  • ProCheckUp


    ProCheckUp Ltd are a privately founded Information Security company specialising in Security Assessment/Penetration Testing, PCI DSS Compliance, in addition to Digital Forensics & Incident Response. ProCheckUp are a NCSC CHECK, CREST and PCI approved company and provide services to some of the world's leading finance and banking organisations, UK Central and Local Government authorities, international law firms and FTSE 100 companies. Key services include Application and Infrastructure testing, Mobile Application testing, Wi-Fi surveys and testing, Telephony testing, Device testing, NCSC IT Health Checks (including PSN), PCI Audits and Consultancy, PCI ASV (Approved Scanning Vendor), Social Engineering, TSCM and Information Security Training/Consultancy and general Security Consultancy.

  • Redscan


    Redscan Cyber Security Ltd is a provider of managed cyber security services that enables businesses to effectively manage their information security risks. Using a combination of security expertise, technology, processes and intelligence, their services help defend against today’s sophisticated and targeted threats. Managed Detection and Response: ThreatDetect™ is Redscan’s award-winning Managed Detection and Response service that combines 24/7 CSOC expertise, cutting-edge network and endpoint detection technologies, advanced security analytics and Redscan Labs threat intelligence to help organisations rapidly identify and remediate cyber threats.

  • Si Group

    Si Group

    Si Consult is a leading Managed Security Services Provider that offers clients the highest degree of protection against today’s cyber threats. By combining their dedicated security experts, cutting-edge technology and processes, customers receive an enterprise grade experience which ensures that all IT virtual assets, cloud, and traditional infrastructures, are protected. With over a decade in cyber security consulting and management services, and with Security Operation Centres based in London, Dubai and Pune, Si’s reach is global. Ranging from banks, to heads of state, they service more than 120+ clients, whose networks and offices are spread around the world